Bastard Greyhawk character
Gender Male
Race Human
Born 559 CY
Died N/A
Class Ranger
Affiliations Flamebringers

Ballard is a human ranger of Veluna afflicted with lycanthropy. He joined the Flamebringers Needfest 3, 580 CY in the Pomarj. He served with the Flamebringers for a little over a month, from Needfest 3, 580 to Readying 2, 580.

Ballard was portrayed by Joe Jaggers.


Ballard wields Doodlesqueeze, an intelligent greatsword with a distinctive handle.



Ballard was born 559 CY in Veluna. Sometime in late 579 CY, he was recruited (along with Dorak, Falarick, Grimberth, Lazarick, and Tzarfine) by Nanolth while the Selkarian was seeking to reunite with his old companions in the Flamebringers. By Needfest 3rd, 580 CY, the group had caught up to Aladrin, Earthramus, Saldrom, and Shan-Tell in the Pomarj. Ballard contracted lycanthropy some two weeks later, on Fireseek 14-15, after being bitten by a werewolf while the group was assaulting the Slave Lords' stockade.

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